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Water & briar protection chest waders for fishermen, trappers, waterfowl hunters, & more.

Translation: This bib-boot combo can do it all! A waterproof lining is sewn to the boots and seams are ultrasonically sealed for total water tightness from the waist down. The outside is faced with Dan’s flagship briar fighting fabric in TrueTimber® Camo DRT Pattern. These waterproof bibs are tough & durable without the heat generated by other types of waders. Layers can be separated for easy cleaning and drying. No custom sizing for this product. Please choose from the sizes listed.

Superior quality:
  • rugged manufacturing
  • 100% waterproof
  • briarproof
  • TrueTimber® Camo DRT pattern
  • 18" leg zipper
  • expandable chest pocket with velcro flaps
  • hand warmer pocket
  • mesh-lined pockets for water drainage
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • belt loops
  • adjustable chest cinch buckle
  • easy to clean - just rinse them down!
  • Amish/USA-made
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